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16. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says Paul Stanley Is The Best Frontman In The Rock Scene

Gene Simmons Reacts To His Rare Video With Prosthetic Makeup
[Deine Meinung]       
15. Januar 2022    
The Strangest KISS Appearances in Movies and TV
[Deine Meinung]       
14. Januar 2022    
BRUCE KULICK And Band Perform KISS Track "Thou Shalt Not" On KISS Kruise X; Video

Schluss mit Rock 'n' RollPaul Stanley von KISS auf seiner letzten Tour

Paul Stanley Shares His Way To Heal From Shoulder Surgery

20 things only Kiss fanatics know about Destroyer

KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER Featured In New Episode Of "My First Gibson"; Video
[Deine Meinung]       
12. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Congratulates Mick Jagger And Keith Richards On Their Royal Mail Stamp

former CREEM Editor DUSTY WRIGHT talks KISS

Mega KISS Collector JOHN DOWNS Discusses $300,000+ Collection On Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast; Video

'I' (Official Video) [remastered]

KISS Rare Backstage Dynasty Tour 1979 from Madison Square Garden
[Deine Meinung]       
11. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Reflects On Selling KISS’ Music Catalog

Paul Stanley Recalls Contacting Bob Saget When His Friend’s Daughter Got Sick

GENE SIMMONS - Take A Video Tour Of KISS Legend's Las Vegas Mansion

Bei CD Japan gibt es "Off the soundboard: live in Virginia Beach 2004" auf CD mit Bonus Poster vorzubestellen.
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs
[Deine Meinung]       
10. Januar 2022    
Here Is A Video Tour Of GENE SIMMONS's Las Vegas Mansion

Touring Gene Simmons' LAS VEGAS MANSION with Life Size Alien?!

Frank Bello Recalls Seeing Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Without Their Makeup For The First Time
[Deine Meinung]       
9. Januar 2022    
GENE SIMMONS On MARVEL COMICS Legend STAN LEE: He Will Be 'Forever Loved And Missed'

Gene Simmons Reacts To Sharon Stone Telling The Story About Bob Dylan’s KISS Admiration

KISS to Release Live Recording of 2004 Virginia Beach Show

ANTHRAX's FRANK BELLO: 'My First Time Meeting KISS Was So Influential For Me'
[Deine Meinung]       
7. Januar 2022    
GENE SIMMONS Is A "Big Fan" Of Australia - "I May Have A Few Children Running Around In Your Country," Says KISS Legend (Video)

KISS To Release New Archival Title With Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach; Video Trailer

KISS's 2004 Performance From Virginia Beach To Be Released In March

Kiss Announce ‘Off The Soundboard: Live in Virginia Beach’ Album

KISS rocker Gene Simmons says he 'may have a few children running around Australia' - after claiming to have slept with 4,800 women

Klassik ’78 release new album ‘Phantoms’

Gene Simmons on his new mission and upcoming Aussie tour
[Deine Meinung]       
6. Januar 2022    
Eric Singer of Kiss – Everything is a Choice- Hold the Sugar

(von Thomas Steinhäuser)
Habe heute folgende Wüstenrot-Werbung gesehen:

John 5 Chickened Out of Asking for Gene Simmons’ Autograph
[Deine Meinung]       
5. Januar 2022    
'I was trying to get them laid' - what happened when Rush toured with Kiss
[Deine Meinung]       
4. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says KISS Might Continue Without Paul Stanley Or Him

Gene Simmons' New Year's Resolutions are pretty much the most Gene Simmons thing ever

Kiss: Rechteverkauf im Bereich des Möglichen

KISS: Gene Simmons will “netter, besser aussehender und reicher” werden!

John 5 Was Too Nervous to Ask for Gene Simmons’ Autograph
[Deine Meinung]       
3. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says Rock Bands Should Always Try To ‘Sell-Out’

Will KISS Ever Sell Its Catalog? 'How Much Have You Got?' GENE SIMMONS Says

Kiss sind auf der Titelseite von "Rock Hard" (1/2022) in Frankreich.

Gene Simmons Wants to Get ‘Kinder, Better Looking + Richer’ in 2022

Gene Simmons will ein besserer Mensch werden

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Shares Video Of New Solos
[Deine Meinung]       
2. Januar 2022    
REVIEW: Bruce Kulick and his band of merry men live at Count’s Vamp’d

The Only Thing Guns N’ Roses And KISS Have In Common, According To Axl Rose

Gene Simmons Criticizes Streaming Services For Their Royalty Payments

GENE SIMMONS's New Year's Resolutions: 'I'd Like To Be A Better, Kinder, Better-Looking And Richer Guy'

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Rings In 2022 By Sharing Video Of New Drum Solos

Looking back at KISS’s Creatures of the Night tour date in Toronto
[Deine Meinung]       
1. Januar 2022    
Creatures Fest set in Nashville, TN for May 27-29, 2022 and to feature Vinnie Vincent, Ace Frehley & more

ERIC CARR - Ludwig Classic Custom Maple Black Cortex Drum Kit Up For Sale

The Contrarians Presents: Is WOW the Best 80's KISS Album?

Gene Simmons David Foster Did Nothing Wrong ... Praise The Wife Every Day!!!

KISS - Live in Montreal - April 21, 1976 - 8mm Film - Synced Audio
[Deine Meinung]       
31. Dezember 2021    
Drum Set Once Owned By Late KISS Drummer ERIC CARR Can Now Be Yours

Eric Singer Joins Bruce Kulick at Las Vegas Debut: Set List, Video

ERIC SINGER Joins Ex-KISS Bandmate BRUCE KULICK For Set Of Group's '80s/'90s Songs In Las Vegas (Video)

Drum set once owned by late KISS drummer Eric Carr is now up for grabs

The Price Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Paid For Ace Frehley’s Departure From KISS

Gene Simmons on the future of KISS, selling song catalogues, and vodka

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 30.12.2021
[Deine Meinung]       
30. Dezember 2021    
TOMMY THAYER Looks Back On BLACK 'N BLUE, Connecting With KISS For The First Time

Morgen Nacht kommt in der ZDF Kultnacht der Auftritt von Kiss in "Rock Pop" von 1980.

GENE SIMMONS EXCLUSIVE MoneyBag Vodka! KISS Museum Update! Tour Dates!

KISS – Phantom Obsession Comic #5 Hits Stores January 19
[Deine Meinung]       
29. Dezember 2021    
Gene Simmons Considers To Start A New Religion ‘KISStianity’

GENE SIMMONS Talks Plans For KISS Museum In New Video Interview

GENE SIMMONS Shares Video Of Tree Planting On His Las Vegas Estate
[Deine Meinung]       
28. Dezember 2021    
Bruce Kulick Recalls Gene Simmons Fixing The Aerosmith-Like KISS Song

Brian James Fox recalls White Tiger having big dreams w/ ex-KISS and Black Sabbath members in line-up

Tommy Thayer reveals couple of his Black ‘N Blue bandmates resented that he would always take charge

PAUL STANLEY Blasts COVID-19 Anti-Vaxxers, Says Childhood Vaccines Require Four Or More Doses To Complete Immunization

GENE SIMMONS Says KISS Museum In Las Vegas Will Include 'Close To Ten Thousand Items'

Kiss Alumni Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent Booked for Same Festival

An Interview with Tommy Thayer of KISS Discussing His Years With Black ‘N Blue

KISS-Rocker Paul Stanley schon wieder mit Corona infiziert

(von Jens Reimnitz)
Stars leben von ihren Fans; ohne Fans würde es keine Stars geben.

Das Medienbüro Reimnitz sucht für das Fanbuch „Me & the Stars“ (Arbeitstitel) Fans, die schon das Glück hatten, sich zusammen mit einem Star fotografieren zu lassen & will damit auch die Stars huldigen, die sich fannah und sympathisch gegenüber ihren Fans zeigen.

Es wird in dem Buch nach Bands sortierte Fotoseiten geben, in denen die Stars und die Fans gleichermaßen gefeiert werden.
Schickt Eure Fotos an 
Wichtig: Schreibt Euren Namen und den Namen des Stars als Dateinamen in die Foto JPG.
Das Medienbüro Reimnitz freut sich auf Eure / Ihre Einsendungen.

Beim anderen Projekt "KISS - INTERVIEWS" baten wir KISS Fans um ihre Meinung zu KISS und Ihre Wünsche an KISS mittels eines Interviews. Leider sind die bisherigen Einsendungen sehr spärlich erfolgt, so dass wir der Band KISS keine verwertbaren Daten übermitteln können. Die Fragebögen können noch bis zum 31.01.2022 bei angefordert werden.
[Deine Meinung]       
27. Dezember 2021    
Paul Stanley Confirms Omicron Diagnosis, ‘I’m Tired’

KISS’ Paul Stanley + Family Test Positive for Omicron Variant

PAUL STANLEY's Entire Family Has Contracted Omicron - "I'm So Glad I'm Vaccinated," Says KISS Legend

ACE FREHLEY, VINNIE VINCENT Confirmed For Creatures Fest 2022


Kiss sind auf der Titelseite der spanischen Zeitschrift "This is Rock" (1/2022).

KISS - Paul Stanley und seine Familie an Omikron-Variante erkrankt

PAUL STANLEY Says His Entire Family Has Contracted Omicron: 'I'm So Glad I'm Vaccinated'
[Deine Meinung]       
26. Dezember 2021    
KISS kündigen “Music From) The Elder” Vinyl-Release an

Tommy Thayer Addresses The End Of Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley’s KISS Careers
[Deine Meinung]       
25. Dezember 2021    
5 albums that Kiss’ Gene Simmons listed as some of his favorite of all time
[Deine Meinung]       
24. Dezember 2021    
Bruce Kulick Says Paul Stanley Didn’t Like Gene Simmons’ Van Halen Inspired Song

BRUCE & LISA KULICK Perform Christmas Classic "Hurry Home For Christmas"; Video
[Deine Meinung]       
23. Dezember 2021    
Rik Fox reveals he and his friends convinced Bill Aucoin to stay and watch KISS play live gig in early days

TMZ - Gene Simmons on Kiss Vegas residency, Kiss Museum and selling his Vegas property.
[Deine Meinung]       
22. Dezember 2021    
KISS Collection AVS Broadcast

In der neuen Ausgabe von "Classic Rock" (Jan/Feb 2022) ist ein Interview mit Paul Stanley (1 Seite) enthalten.

Paul Stanley Threatens To Expose A Hater Criticizing His Message To Peter Criss

Tommy Thayer Says He’s ‘The Ronnie Wood’ of Kiss

Bruce Kulick Says Fans Are ‘Hungry’ for ’80s and ’90s Kiss Songs
[Deine Meinung]       
21. Dezember 2021    
Signed Ozzy Osbourne Coat, Gene Simmons Artwork Among 2022 MusiCares Charity Relief Auction Items

KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER - "My Legacy Will Be A Guy Who Came In, Worked Hard, And Was The Glue That Kept The Band Together"

KISS's TOMMY THAYER: 'My Legacy Will Be A Guy Who Came In, Worked Hard, And Was The Glue That Kept The Band Together'

Kiss's Tommy Thayer: “My legacy will be a guy who came in, worked hard, and was the glue that kept the band together”

PAUL STANLEY Says THE BEATLES' New Documentary 'Get Back' Is 'Joyous, Astonishing And Humbling'
[Deine Meinung]       
20. Dezember 2021    
Paul Stanley Praises Alice Cooper For Serving Food At A Shelter

KISS - Paul Stanley unterzog sich Schulter-Operation

KISS - "(Music From) The Elder"-Album erscheint zum 40. Jubiläum auf Vinyl
[Deine Meinung]       
18. Dezember 2021    
Paul Stanley Open To KISS Farewell Reunion 2021 In Review

Ep. 163 - Bruce Kulick & Todd Kerns talk Vegas Show, KISS Kruise, New Album and more!

KISS kündigen Vinyl-Release ihres Albums „(Music) The Elder“ für 11. März 2022 an!
[Deine Meinung]       
17. Dezember 2021    
The Truth Behind Gene Simmons’ ‘Pathetic’ Comment On Prince’s Death

PAUL STANLEY Undergoes Shoulder Surgery; "Was It Worth It?! Absolutely," Says KISS Frontman

KISS's PAUL STANLEY Undergoes Shoulder Surgery

EXCLUSIVE - KISS Music From The Elder German Reissue 2022 With Michael Koehler

Nile Rodgers to auction Porsche that Gene Simmons ‘almost barfed in’

Das Rockfest Barcelona wird 2022 mit u.a. Alice Cooper, Kiss, Manowar und Judas Priest zurückkehren

Engelbert Humperdinck & Gene Simmons "Spinning Wheel" Duets EP Vinyl

[Deine Meinung]       
16. Dezember 2021    
Paul Stanley Undergoes Surgery Due To A KISS Show Related Injury

Kiss sind auf der Titelseite von "Guitar Player" (USA, Januar 2022)
[Deine Meinung]       
15. Dezember 2021    
Gene Simmons Addresses Joining Dave Grohl On Stage During Foo Fighters’ Show

BRUCE KULICK Performs KISS Fan-Favorite "Who Wants To Be Lonely" On KISS Kruise X; Video

ERIC CARR Tribute Act CARR JAM - 21 Release KISS Cover "Love Her All I Can"; Lyric Video Streaming

GUNS N' ROSES, KISS, SLIPKNOT, KORN, Others Make POLLSTAR's List Of Highest-Grossing Worldwide Tours Of 2021

Kiss’ Ace Frehley Hated That Gene Simmons Made a Song With Helen Reddy

Gene Simmons Confirms Working On A KISS Museum

GENE SIMMONS Working On KISS Museum In Vegas

‘Spectacular’ Kiss Museum Headed to Las Vegas in 2022

Photo: Vinnie Vincent....

KISS - Don Lane Show (Master Upgrade) & Channel 9 LOST News Report Exclusive!! (13 & 14 Nov 1980)

Gene Simmons Explains Why KISS Canceled Their 2021 Las Vegas Residency

Das knapp 1000 Seiten dicke  Buch "1001 Alben" ist bereits die zehnte aktualisierte Auflage des ursprünglich 2006 erscheiennen Buches. Es beinhaltet 2 Seiten über Kiss (Destroyer) und ist bei Amazon portofrei erhältlich.

Das hochwertige Buch "Heavy Metal" (Hardcover, erschienen 2021) mit aktuellem Text beinhaltet 6 Seiten über Kiss und ist ebenfalls bei Amazon erhältlich.

[Deine Meinung]       
13. Dezember 2021    
Gene Simmons developing Kiss museum at the Rio

The Reason Ace Frehley Punched Tommy Thayer In The Face

PAUL STANLEY Attends Memorial Service For Longtime Guitar Tech FRANCIS STUEBER
[Deine Meinung]       
12. Dezember 2021    

Gene Simmons Says He’s Close To The Finish Line Or Casket
[Deine Meinung]       
11. Dezember 2021    
Paul Stanley Pays An Emotional Tribute To The Monkees’ Michael Nesmith

Video: KISS makeup/ pre interview/ interview backstage (Creatures of the night 1982)

(von Jens Reimnitz)
Das Medienbüro Reimnitz plant in 2022 das Magazin / Buch Projekt "KISS - INTERVIEWS", in dem KISS Fans aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum zu KISS - spezifischen Themen befragen wollen und diese dann mit Fotos präsentieren werden. Dafür gibt es Fragebögen, die über die E-Mail angefordert werden können. Das Medienbüro freut sich auf die Arbeit mit den KISS Fans und über zahlreiche Mails.

Foo Fighters überraschen Konzertbesucher mit Gene Simmons!

Las Vegas: Die Foo Fighters und Kiss-Bassist Gene Simmons stehen gemeinsam auf der Bühne
[Deine Meinung]       
10. Dezember 2021    
KISS' GENE SIMMONS Drops Price Of Las Vegas Mansion, Says Family Doesn't Want To Deal With Heat, Or Strippers; Video

Gene Simmons Lists Vegas Home for $13.5 Million Dollars

Watch KISS’ Gene Simmons Join Foo Fighters Onstage, Give Dave Grohl a Tip

KISS veröffentlichten Multiplatin-Album “Destroyer” in diversen Editionen

Gene Simmons Recalls Eddie Van Halen Driving Him Home

GENE SIMMONS Drops $1.5 Million From Asking Price Of Las Vegas House

Gene Simmons Selling Vegas Mansion for $13.5 mil ... For Massive Profit
[Deine Meinung]       
9. Dezember 2021    
KISS Guitarist Speaks on How Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Treated Him at Major Event Where He Was 'Screwed, Really Tragic'

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Makes On-Stage Appearance At FOO FIGHTERS' Las Vegas Show; Video

ERIC CARR Tribute Act CARR JAM 21 To Release KISS Cover "Love Her All I Can" On Friday; Teaser Video

TMZ - Gene Simmons selling his Las Vegas property

KISS’ Gene Simmons Tips Dave Grohl as Foo Fighters Welcome Him Onstage in Vegas: Watch

Kiss sind auf der Titelseite der neuen Ausgabe von "Rocks" (1/2022). Es beinhaltet einen 10-seitigen Bericht sowie eine Werbung für den Kiss Rum.

FOO FIGHTERS Bring GENE SIMMONS Out On Stage During Las Vegas Concert (Video)
[Deine Meinung]       
8. Dezember 2021    
BRUCE KULICK Performs KISS Classic "Tears Are Falling" On KISS Kruise X; Video

(von Udo Zielke)
Bei Brands for Fans ist jetzt der KISS Monstrum Rum für 149,90€ erhältlich.

Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin Close Out Hanukkah in Full KISS Makeup

[Deine Meinung]       
7. Dezember 2021    
Ace Frehley Speaks on How He Treated the 1st Replacement KISS Member & Pressure Eric Carr Had to Cope With


Life In The Stocks #240 Paul Stanley (Kiss)

ACE FREHLEY And ORIANTHI Perform At ALICE COOPER's 19th Annual "Christmas Pudding" Concert; Fan-Filmed Video Available

ACE FREHLEY And ORIANTHI Perform At ALICE COOPER's 19th Annual 'Christmas Pudding' Concert (Video)
[Deine Meinung]       
6. Dezember 2021    
Watch Dave Grohl Cover Kiss’ ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’

Kurstin x Grohl: The Hanukkah Sessions 2021: Night Eight
[Deine Meinung]       
4. Dezember 2021    
Paul Stanley Recalls An Emotional Conversation With His Dad Who Passed Away A Month Ago

Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley (KISS) on Rodney on the ROQ - KROQ November 1976
[Deine Meinung]       
2. Dezember 2021    
"KISS"-Star Gene Simmons: Von der Wüste nach Beverly Hills – sein neues Haus definiert die Zukunft

Video: The Vault: Legendary rockers Kiss' show-stopping performance at Freedom Hall
[Deine Meinung]       
1. Dezember 2021    
KISS - New Phantom Obsession Comic Available December 15

BRUCE KULICK Performs KISS Classic "Unholy" On KISS Kruise X; Video
[Deine Meinung]       

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