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18. September 2014

Gene Simmons Ready To Launch New Music Reality Show

1983: Kiss zeigen sich zum ersten Mal öffentlich ohne Make-Up

KISS Announce 'Love Gun' Deluxe Edition Out October 28

One On One Podcast #49 with Ace Frehley

Wer spielt da eigentlich, bei KISS?
[Deine Meinung]

17. September 2014

"Love Gun" wird am 28. Oktober als Deluxe Doppel-CD veröffentlicht!

Vielen Dank an  Ole Funch aus Dänemark, der soeben diese Info an Kiss News schickte:
This just in...

We are proud to announce the next stage of KISS’ 40th anniversary celebrations, with the release of a Deluxe Edition of the 1977 U.S. platinum album, Love Gun, on 2CD and digital formats.

The band’s sixth studio recording, Love Gun was the first album to feature lead vocal performances from all four original band members, and the last studio album with the original KISS line-up. Love Gun has since gone on to sell more than four million copies worldwide.

The 2CD / digital edition includes the complete original album re-mastered on the first disc, featuring such classics as the title track “Plaster Caster”, the song inspired by Cynthia Plaster Caster, the groupie famous for taking casts of rock star genitalia; “Shock Me”, written about Ace Frehley suffering an electric shock during a concert in Lakeland, Florida; “Christine Sixteen”, and “Then She Kissed Me”, the band’s cheeky, gender-switching cover of the Crystals’ 1963 hit penned by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector.

The second disc is made up of rare, previously unreleased Love Gun demos of “Plaster Caster”, “Then She Kissed Me”, “Tomorrow and Tonight” and “Much Too Soon”. Also, the first four lines of the demo “I Know Who You Are” eventually evolved and became the song “Living In Sin”. A glimpse into Paul Stanley’s creative process is demonstrated in “Love Gun (Teaching Demo)” with Stanley talking through the various chords of the song after writing the song with the next version – “Love Gun (Demo)” – being the complete demo performance. “Reputation”, the only previously released demo, was originally included on this year’s KISS 40 compilation.

Also included is a 1977 interview with Gene Simmons, as well as three never-before-available live tracks from the KISS show at the Capitol Centre, Landover in Maryland U.S.A. from December 20, 1977 – “Love Gun”, “Christine Sixteen” and “Shock Me”. The package also includes liner notes written by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, currently on tour with KISS.


CD ONE – Original Album:
1. I Stole Your Love
2. Christine Sixteen
3. Got Love For Sale
4. Shock Me
5. Tomorrow And Tonight
6. Love Gun
7. Hooligan
8. Almost Human
9. Plaster Caster
10. Then She Kissed Me

CD TWO – Demos, Interview & Live:
1. Much Too Soon (Demo)*
2. Plaster Caster (Demo)*
3. Reputation (Demo)
4. Love Gun (Teaching Demo)*
5. Love Gun (Demo)*
6. Gene Simmons Interview (1977)*
7. Tomorrow And Tonight (Demo)*
8. I Know Who You Are (Demo)*
9. Love Gun (Live 1977)*
10. Christine Sixteen (Live 1977)*
11. Shock Me (Live 1977)*


Hier spricht Gene über sein neues Buch "Me, Inc", welches am 21. Oktober erscheint.

ACE FREHLEY Announces Lineup Of His Touring Band

Interview mit Bruce Kulick

KISS - Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Talk Rock & Brews Albuquerque Opening On KOB Eyewitness News 4

Rock & Brews kicks it off in ABQ

Gene Simmons’ son Nick launches his music career

Space Invaders (Review)


Am 14. November wird das Paul McCartney Tribute-Album, wo auch Kiss einen Song beisteuern veröffentlicht. Bisher war es nur auf gelistet. Nun ist es auch bei Amazon Deutschland gleich in mehreren Varianten vorbestellbar:

Peter Criss wird bei der Mad Monster Party (3. bis 5. Oktober) Special Guest sein
[Deine Meinung]

16. September 2014

Video: KISS stars hold grand opening at Rock & Brews

Kiss Help Raise More Than $1 Million for Oregon Military Museum

Video: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley in Albuquerque for Rock & Brews event

Gene Simmons Wants to Coach Musical Gladiators

Former ACE FREHLEY Bassist ANTHONY ESPOSITO Says He Was 'Tossed Away' And 'Dissed' By Original KISS Guitarist

GENE SIMMONS: It's Sad That RAY RICE's Wife 'Isn't Copping To Fact She Was Abused'

10 reasons KISS murdered rock ‘n’ roll

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #93: Author & KISS Fan Chuck Klosterman Plus the Crazy World of Ace Frehley

Woche für Woche ist es spannend zu sehen, für welche Summen so manche Artikel weggegangen sind. Hier wieder eine Zusammenfassung der interessantesten beendeten Kiss Auktionen letzter Woche auf eBay:

Paul Stanley Gemälde: $ 1.000,-
96[2].jpg (2471 Byte)

Unmasked LP (multicolour Vinyl) aus Mexiko: $ 1.000,-
96[2].jpg (2870 Byte)

Plattenspieler: $ 700,-

96[2].jpg (2569 Byte)

Set Totenköpfe Prototyp: $ 499,-
96[1].jpg (2408 Byte)

Peter Criss Drumstick 1977: $ 496,-

96[1].jpg (2401 Byte)

Disco bag: $ 367,-

96[1].jpg (2039 Byte)

Kiss Army Tourjacke 1979: $ 350,-
96[1].jpg (2462 Byte)

The Originals II: $ 320,-
96[2].jpg (3838 Byte)

Kiss Amp: $ 306,-
96[4].jpg (2589 Byte)

Spiegel: $ 300,-

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Scheck von Paul (Ace) Frehley: $ 255,-
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"I was made for lovin' you" Single aus Belgien: $ 202,-
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signiertes Alive 35 Instant Live Box Set: € 639,-

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Mehr interessante beendete Kiss Auktionen: siehe weiter oben
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most interesting Auctions >>

KISS concert in Lake Oswego raises $1.15 million for military museum

Gene Simmons: Ray Rice Needs To Go To Jail And Become ‘Somebody’s Girlfriend’
[Deine Meinung]

15. September 2014

STRANGE WAYS -35- 1978 Robert Duncan Predictions

KISS pitches in for Thayer Oregon Military Museum

GENE SIMMONS To Launch Coliseum Reality Music Competition At Mipcon

Kiss ex Frehley: Thayer just wants to be me

Video: Kiss on playing a rare acoustic show

Video: Kiss raise over $1 million for Oregon Military Museum at acoustic concert

Ace Frehley’s fiance’ says: “KISS; need to ‘CUT THE CRAP’ and do a world reunion” and claims Ace had a recent cheerful and friendly talk with Gene Simmons

KISS fans attend convention in Edison
[Deine Meinung]

14. September 2014


Am 17. November wird das Paul McCartney Tribute-Album, wo auch Kiss einen Song beusteuern veröffentlicht. Bisher war es nur auf gelistet. Nun ist es auch bei Amazon UK gleich in mehreren Varianten vorbestellbar:

ACE FREHLEY: TOMMY THAYER Is 'Just A Guy Up There Copying Me'

30 Years Ago: Kiss releases Animalize, Eric Carr says he’s still a fox
[Deine Meinung]

13. September 2014


(von Roberto Ariberti)

Ace ist auf dem Cover von Guitar Club (September 2014). Das Heft beinhaltet ein fünfseitiges Interview mit Ace.
magGuitarClubMagazine2014-09Italy.gif (28295 Byte)


Wie jeden Samstag kurz vor 12 Uhr gibt es hier wieder Links zu einigen interessanten auslaufenden Kiss-Auktionen auf eBay:

Show Beam

Eric Carr Lick it up drumstick

Set Becher

Ledertasche aus Australien 1980

Sonido Kiss Special aus Mexiko

Kiss '81 Poster

Dynasty Pressemappe

Campus Craft Gene Simmons Poster

Destroyer Van

Set Halloween Kostüme

Kiss Radio


Strutter Promo Single USA

Video: ACE FREHLEY Talks To GUITAR CENTER About Musical Beginnings, Relationship With GIBSON And LES PAUL

30 Years Ago: Paul Stanley Becomes a One-Man Band on Kiss’ ‘Animalize’
[Deine Meinung]

12. September 2014

Ace Frehley, Brad Paisley score with new releases

Video: How a Studio Mistake Made Ace Frehley’s Cover of ‘The Joker’ Special

Hey Gene Simmons, Here’s 10 Great Artists Who Debuted Since 1983

COREY TAYLOR Laughs Off GENE SIMMONS' 'Rock Is Dead' Remark

Gene Simmons: Sad Rice’s Wife Isn’t ‘Copping To Fact She Was Abused’

ACE FREHLEY On His Touring Plans: 'It All Depends On What The Promoters Are Willing To Pay'
[Deine Meinung]

11. September 2014

Video: Voice Doctor Who Treats Kiss' Paul Stanley Shares His Advice to Rock-Star Clients

Ace Frehley: Cosmic Space Invasion

Video: SLASH: Why PAUL STANLEY Told Me To Go F**k Myself

KISS calls Derek Jeter 'A powerful and attractive man' in video tribute

Neues Interview mit Ace beim Eddie Trunk Podcast

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Responds to Gene Simmons’ ‘Rock Is Dead’ Claim

ACE FREHLEY On TOMMY THAYER's 'Spaceman' Guitar: 'I Mean, How Big Are The Balls On This Guy?'

[Deine Meinung]

10. September 2014

Video: Ace Frehley Reveals Which Rock Star He’d Bring Back From the Dead

Q&A: KISS' Gene Simmons explains Detroit Rock City's power, band's future, tour with Def Leppard

Gene Simmons Incorrectly Observed That Rock Is Finally Dead

Bob Dylan, Kiss und The Cure covern McCartney

KISS celebrates 'Alive!' album's 39-year anniversary; hear how Detroit's Cobo Hall rocked

Video: "Rock and Roll all nite" live at Fashion Rocks

Ace Frehley Gives Us a Ride Around His Old Bronx Stomping Grounds

Fotos: Kiss bei Fashion Rocks
[Deine Meinung]

9. September 2014

Win a Trip to see Kiss in Las Vegas

The Cure, Kiss & Co. auf Paul McCartney-Coveralbum

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #92: We Open A Gene Simmons Can of Worms... Is Rock Dead?

"Venus and Mars/ Rock Show" wird auf einem Paul McCartney Tribute Album vertreten sein, welcher am 17. November veröffentlicht wird. Mehr Infos dazu hier.

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- Ace Frehley Solo Album veröffentlicht
- Kiss Dokumentation erscheint 2014
- Paul Stanley Biografie auf deutsch erschienen

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